Feeding and drinking bowls

Food and drinking troughs

The nicest troughs for your cat can be found here, at Cat Your Service! The bowls do not only have a functional aspect, but they are also made to have a pretty and modern design.

But let us be fair: your cat or dog does not really care if it’s feeder is painted in black; green and dotted; or if the word ‘CAT’ is written on it, as long as the trough can be filled with food. It is just that you, as the owner, would like to have a nice looking attire for your cat and home. This is the reason why it feels fantastic to choose your desired feeder. Take a look!

Tip: do not put the food box directly next to the poultry. Cats tend to drink more when their drinking bin is not next to their food. It just feels more natural to them. Water, on the other hand, is, of course, healthy and important for your pet, so make sure to keep that in mind. Put the drinking-trough somewhere else or keep some distance between it and the feeding-trough.

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